İnterrior Archviz for Ue4

That’s good! you need just little tweeks on colorgrading to make it more realistic! but it is already very good!

Thank you. İf you buy it:

It looks excellent. The two pillows on the right side of the couch are intersecting. From 0:23-0:25, look in the couch between the middle pillows and the cushions for two artifacts. What’s impressive is the variety of color, glass is really well done, and it has nice camera tracking.

Sorry forget that pillow. Thank you for great comment :slight_smile:

No problem. Simply pointing it out for the sake of correction to finalize the scene. Thanks for sharing and responding to feedback.

Very nice. :cool:

I would just close that door instead of showing white plane there. :slight_smile:
And light coming through the curtains looks maybe a bit too strong at 1:08.

Try light strenght change but 2 senarios:
Low light room or strong light and choice strong light. Thanks for your comment :slight_smile: