Interracting with a trigger box

Hi :), I have no idea on how to interact with my trigger box, I need to do something really simple, destroy my ball actor when I enter the trigger box, i know I need to use the Overlap node but that end there ;s if you have any idea on how to do it I would be grateful thanks :slight_smile:

This will do the trick You need to make the ball an actor blueprint and cast the mesh

This was done in the character blueprint but you can do it just fine in the static mesh blueprint

So you put this blueprint in the ball event graph? and what cast to fireaxe mean? I did that in my character blueprint (urbas is the name of my ball…) but nothing happens when i enter the trigger box i put on my scene ! cca3a5c61ff9cc2f5b8fc8401e044a104f2e3630.jpeg

You have to create the box in your actor bp (Add components - BoxCollision) Thats the only thing I can think of right now.
I´ll Take a look later when im home