I’m trying to use the InterpToMovement component to move a platform.

Is there anyway to have it reverse?

I want to have one button activate it to go from A-B and then another button to go go B-A.
I thought this would be quite a simple thing to do but I cant figure it out.



You get 2 target positions one for A and one for B.
When you want reverse just use other target.

They don’t have targets though. They have control points that it moves along.
I’ve tried to change the control points but it doesn’t seem to work.

Thanks for the reply

Hm, I think changing “Behaviour Type” from default “One Shot” to “Ping Pong” should give effect you’re looking for

The Ping Pong behaviour makes it go backwards and forwards until it is disabled which isn’t quite what I’m after.
I’m after more of a “Backwards one shot” but I’m not sure if its built to do that unfortunately.


There is “One shot reverse” :slight_smile:

But if you’re interested in more intricate settings you might use InterpTo Events

The “One Shot Reverse” makes it go from A to B and then back to A again.

I’ve just been playing around with the Events but none of them seem useful for actually moving the platform.
They’re more for detecting whats happening during movement.
If there was a pause function then they might be helpful.

I’m actually quite surprised that this has become a problem.
I thought it would be fairly simple.