InterpToMovement move back to the origin after activate the component

I used InterpToMovement component as a moving platform, it works well.
I set two control points in the construction function, and turn off the auto-active toggle. If I set the activation in other blueprints, the actor moves correctly.

But if I set the control point vectors from another blueprint, and then call a function to apply the control points and activate the component, the actor will go back to the origin point (but the control points are set to the right place according to the printed results)
And it will NOT move to the destination.

Does anyone knows the solution? Thanks.

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It sounds likely it’s the function that applies the control points, but we’d need to see a snapshot of the blueprint to tell…

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here’s the blueprint
another blueprint will first assign the location_1 & location_2 & duration, and then call the Guide function


Nothing jumps out at me. What if you move that code to the platform itself and call it from where it was, before the destroy actor?

I ended up simply using the AddActorWorldOffset node to calculate the movement.

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That works correctly. But I want to set the start & end position through another bp, then everything goes wrong… just give up on figuring it out after having a look at the discussions in unreal discord channel :frowning: