Interpolation Snapping Issue (Smooth, then way too fast)


I’m about to resort to splines, but before I do, maybe someone could explain to me why the first interpolation of my birds is good, then the subsequent ones have them ZOOM and then smoothly land?

Okay, so I spent 10 hours today coding and 4 hours on this issue.

What happens is that because the birds’ meshes are away from their CHARACTER CAPSULE, the capsule location is what is used in the INTERP calculation. So, If the bird started at “x” and flew to “y”, its capsule is still at “x”. Interp keeps pulling the value of “x” no matter where the bird is; hence the zooming speeds.

I updated the location of the capsule between flights to be where the bird’s mesh is, and it works. I need a drink, and Unreal needs better documentation.

Is there any way to allow the capsule NOT to be on a SOLID surface? The birds bounce on the ground like ping-pongs when I bind them to the capsule. And when they try to fly, it’s just sad; they fall mid-flight.

What bothers me is that I hooked up “Get_World_Location > Mesh”, but it pulls from the capsule’s location first. Very odd. There must be a relationship between the capsule and the mesh I do not understand yet.

Hey @Leomerya12! I’m sorry I didn’t see this and could have helped you earlier!:frowning:

As far as the capsule bounce thing, do you have flight enabled (check-box) on your character movement component? Also do you have simulate physics/gravity disabled?



Do you mean “can fly(?)” because if you do, I’m jumping out a window.

Unfortunately I do, and I totally feel your pain. Been there!


A “SimpleMoveToLocation” node with an ease in/ease out would probably work here, as long as there’s navmesh to land on.


Thank you, so much for this knowledge that I will definitely use in the future!

I’ve disable physics and gravity, enabled flight but the capsules keep falling to the ground.

Am I missing something?

Hey again @Leomerya12!

I found this post that was a collection of things put together for someone looking to do something similar to you.

From here you’ll want to make a new topic as it’s a new question, but I’ll be here to help :slight_smile: