Interpolation Not Stacking

I’ve set up a progress bar to display the health, I used finterp to make the health bar go smoothly when you take damage. I’ve noticed that when I take away 25 health, and take away 25 again before the first set of damage finishes the progress bar ends less than halfway when it should be halfway. I posted a pic on how I set up my interpolation. To summarize, How could I stack the interpolation so no matter what it should get to the target?

I can’t quite see what you have going there, the picture is a little fuzzy. But with interp, you have to give that node two things what the value is now, and the current value.

So you can’t clamp the current value, it has to really be what the value is now.

Also, why do calculations after the interp, surely the interp should take you right to the target?

Thx for replying I am a little new to interpolation but the problem is when I interp to the target if I interp again while the first interp is still going, the first interp stops and it goes on, for example if I interp from 100 to 75, lets say I interp again while the first interp value is at 85 the interpolation doesn’t stack so it stops the first interp at 85 and takes away 25 from 85 if I was subtracting 25 for each interpolation. Sorry if this explanation makes no sense.

Yes it makes sense. That effect occurs when you setup the interp wrong.

Like I say, the two main inputs must be ACTUAL value right now, and target. Then it will work.

Could you send a pic on what you mean? I’m not asking to make it work just to help give me an idea of what you mean, I think I understand but I’m not sure, It would be helpful. I’ll reply if it fixed my problem, I’m interpolating a progress bar if that makes a difference.

I figured it out, I was INDEED doing the interpolation wrong, for some reason I used the interp variable when I was supposed to use the target variable. All is fixed and I appreciate you for replying, I’m sad to say that your answers didn’t help me get the answer but I appreciate you anyway.