Interpolation for compass widget

Hello everyone.
I wanted to make a compass widget using an image.
Basicly I apply controller’s rotation to an image in the widget. It works fine without interpolation but when I use “FInterp To”, get to around 0 degrees, move a little bit to the left and the whole image has to interpolate to 360 degrees, make a whole circle around which is not what would be expected from a compass behaviour. Any way of interpolating it in a different way?
Thanks for help in advance.

Well if you use normal float interpolation, it logically needs to go from 180 to -180. Use rotator interpolation (RInterp To), which which fix this by pick the shortest way to move rotator toward selected destination:

Also you can use floats on it without playing with break/make nodes, just right click rotator pin any node (not only RInterp) and click split and you in input float to any axis leaving unused once on 0 (or whatever you type in)

I knew I’d miss something. Thank you very much for quick response. It works like a charm.