Interpolating between states in state machine (or Blendspaces)

Is it possible to interpolate between animation states in state machine? Blendspaces are great but there are times when I want to interpolate from one blendspace to another blendspace (creating a blending between the blendspaces themselves). So either a 3d blendspace or the ability to blend between states in state machine. Any insight if this is possible?

If not a suggestion for a future addition to Unreal would be to get rid of state machine and just create a Master Blendspace. The master blendspace would basically be a state machine but instead of boolean logic between states it would support interpolation the way blendspaces do. Being able to write logic directly into the blend space would be handy also.


You can blend either in the state machine transition settings or use some kind of blend node with multiple blendspaces, both methods should work.