Interpolate between 3 actor with 3 buttons

hello evrybody as i say i want to interpolate between 3 actor with 3 trigger with 3 button like a/b/c
i push A to select first trigger then i push B for the trigger 2 to swich between actor whos placed in trigger 1 and the one of the trigger 2 her is some screenshot for what i have for the moment

and i do the same for the 2 other switch and yes i begin on this so help pls

So, I am not entirely sure what your issue is exactly, but the code I do see seems a bit excessive to be repeating the same code over and over with a bunch of booleans and checks. You might be able to simplify your code alot by using a “Select” node and an integer variable that is set when each trigger is hit. This way you can eliminate the whole “IsA” and “IsB” Just plug the points you want to go to into the select node and t should move you at a constant speed towards the points you want to go to.

ty and yes that could simplify my code but my problem is to move each actor with 2 keys like i said press key1 to select the actor in trigger 1 then press key2 to move the actor who was in trigger 1 to the trigger 2
i was able to do it with 2 actor but with 3 no ,because i need to attach the key to the trigger to move the actor inside and i dont realy know how too i will try by ur code and see
hope you understand what i want too do now :slight_smile:

So, if I am understanding things correctly you are wanting 1 key to select an actor in a volume, then another key to direct that actor to go to another volume?

Again I would try to use a series of selects and switches to keep your logic flow simple. Such as using a variable to keep track of “IndexOfVolumeToGetActorFrom” and “IndexOfVolumeToSendActorTo”. I am not sure the end result of gameplay you are going for, but if you just wanted to press 1 to select the actor, then 2 to send it to slot 2 and then press 2 again to send it to 3, you could just increment the “IndexOfVolumeToSendActorTo” variable when it reaches a volume. If you want logic up “1st press selects which volume to select from and 2nd press is volume to go to” you could just have a “bIsFirstKeyPressed” boolean variable that will go into an if that determines the getting actor and the sending actor to path. Or you could perform other logic to do what you need.

I would also recommend breaking things down into functions so no matter how many keys you want to use you can just call the same function and just pass an associated “IndexOfKeyPressed” value through. It will keep you from having a chaos of lines and forgetting to hook things up as it expands.

Hope this makes sense. Let me know if this helps or if you need more help.