Internship in the Game Industry

Hello everyone,

I’m an undergraduate, with only an internship left to graduate, and I am looking for one that’s game development-related in any way.
I started learning unreal engine and blender one year ago. since then, I have done a couple of projects and entered game jams. I am currently in my last semester in Germany as an exchange student, and started applying for internships. Although it is still early, I have been rejected by a couple of companies.
I am not discouraged, but I would like to receive advice from people in the industry, whether how you were able to get a job/internship, or what you look for if you’re an employer.

you can view my portfolio here.
Any kind of advice/feedback would be appreciated.


I’d be happy to help.

I run a small co-op of like-minded engineers, devs, and artists, who love to share. Just like Unreal Marketplace assets can be shared for development, I want to offer you an opportunity to help us develop “virtual concerts.” Please, contact me if you would like to hear about how we share my > 1800 packs from the marketplace. Reach me at,, and check out numerous “Unreal Co-Op” videos I’ve shared on my YouTube (search for Pete Schieck).


Hello, would you be interested in learning / interning for a solo Indie Developer. I have 2 projects that I am working on