Internet testing non Steam and dedicated server management questions

I’ve done a lot of research lately for online play and managing multiple dedicated servers. There are plenty of posts but very few solid answers or solutions. I have more questions than when I started but I’ll keep my post short and to the point in hopes of some clear simple answers.

I’ve tested my game and server over LAN and it’s working well enough to share with external testers. I would like to test my game and dedicated server over the internet and not using Steam. I can’t seem to find any methods other than modifying OSSNull or writing my own OnlineSubsystem, neither of which is appealing or within my technical ability. Is there any known easy way to do this?

I wish I could somehow spawn dedicated servers using blueprints or even C++. I have my standalone server executable but I have no idea how to go about setting up matchmaking and managing the servers externally. It might not be a solution for a released game but I know I could set up simple in game matchmaking if the game was capable of spawning a new instance of itself. A server could act like a master server or a game server but it would all be handled in game and preferably in blueprints. Basically I’m just asking for a way to run an external executable (specifically the dedicated server.exe -with whatever parameters) in game and the rest I can figure out. A way to close server instances or have them close on game end would be helpful too. Any ideas?