Internet Multiplayer?

So myself and MCE626 (someone helping with a project) Tested Internet multiplayer for our game. MCE hosted and I joined. After the test I found a lot of things that need to be fixed, but there also came a lot of questions. Most of them were devlopment questions that I hope to solve latter.

But I think the think that confuses me the most is that MCE did not have to open ports, we did not make a sever to connect to, we kinda just used the engines default settings to see what would happen and what we need to do to fix it (this was out first test and if any one here knows development you know nothing works on your first try XD)

so dose any one know how this works?

mainly where is the server?

and if MCE was running the server how dose this work with out opening ports?

The “server” is the host that MCE set up. If it works then that’s because you were on the same networks (or, at least, MCE was on a network that was routable from you.)

our networks were about 2-3 miles apart I can see this only being possible with internet

Did he have DMZ Host enabled in his router settings?

I just contacted him he says it doesn’t look like his router has that option

also dose anyone know how to display ping? kinda helps when testing multiplayer XD