Internal compiler error inside CreateExecutionSchedule (site 1) in "Endless Runner with Blueprints"

I am simply following “Endless Runner with Blueprints” tutorial and I get this when I try to compile:

Error Internal compiler error inside CreateExecutionSchedule (site 1); there is an issue with node/pin manipulation that was performed in this graph, please contact the Blueprints team!

Any ideas?

Hi Mate

May not work, but delete the “World Delta Time” Node and put it back in. Just in case


Hi Narg,

Sadly this didn’t help. It would show the same error even when Delta is deleted. I tried deleting all the nodes re-adding them that crash UE4 and then after restart it started doing the same thing again…

I switched to UE4 from Unity since I thought that was a little bit buggy :slight_smile: but it seems it’s a common pattern.

I had no issue with it, but I wrote it in 4.7.

For now, Highlight all of turn nodes and cut it, but leave it in you Clipboard.

Compile again.

What happens.


If I cut it out and compile, it does compile. Even when I paste it back in it does compile again. However if I hit play the whole UE4 crashes. I tried this before and the same thing happened. Screenshots attached. :frowning:

Here is the crash log: