[intern] C++ semi-expert

I’ve read multiple books about c++ and is highly skilled in c++ except for templates which I’ll have to read a book. I’m looking for the hardcore people which spend 15-20 hours a day for projects. I’m looking to learn documentation skills so I’ll know what fits into what so in the future i May in turn make my own. As opposed to looking through a ton of docs. But if not I’ll have to look through a ton of docs. Loyalty guaranteed.

lel 15-20hours ? wtf man :smiley:

Not sure what you’ve been smoking… But I want some.

Hey Kufi, I’m currently working on a open-world MMO-RPG with survival elements. I’ve recently started level designing and thought I’d reply after stumbling on your post. Do you have Skype? I put in a lot of dedication in what I’m working and I’d like that for the same person who’d I’d be working with.