Interior Visualization Cinematic

Hi again!

Here’s is a little cinematic of a study project that made in UE4.
Material was made in Allegorithmic Suite with some basic models made just to test.

Music is “Vide Cor Meum” from movie Hannibal :slight_smile:

Hope you guys like it!

Nice, love the wood texture and the feel of the room :slight_smile:

Fantastic Work Maico G! That room felt very cozy, but in a creepy way. As QBert said, the wood textures look awesome. Keep up the outstanding work!

Thanks, and yes… looks like something wrong will happen… ehehheh

Thanks QBert!

So much prettier than what I could do.

The candle flames look out of place, they look like little fires.
Too clean, put a blanket on the couch and a paper or coffee cup on the table to give more life.
Maybe add some dust specs if you can.

Otherwise, really sweet.

Thanks Rasped, about the candles, I use the fire particles in UE4, because I could not make a decent candle flame eheheh about the blanket and the cofee cup, yes… Definitely add “personality” to the cene. I’ll make those modifications and post here. Thanks for the advices!

Hello guys!
Rasped give me some great little ideas to improve the scene and I manage to make some adjusts and modifications. Thanks for it!

Here’s the same cinematic but with some things new…


I do Archviz and have been “trying” to learn UE4. Can you tell me how to scale the fire blueprint so that it looks good for a fireplace?