Interior Toolkit Vol 1

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This package contains about 300 assets to create you own interior. Edite Mode to quickly switch materials. List of materials you can control texture coords for better tiling, change color or normal intensity and much more.
Pack includes:
• 38 props objects (books, flower, blanket etc.)
• 9 furniture objects (chair, bed, carpet etc.)
• 18 modular objects (walls, floor, column, ceiling )
• 12 master materials
• 81 material Instance
• 123 textures (from 2048x2048 to 512x512)
• 4 audio elements
• 19 UMG elements
• 14 Blueprints
• 1 complete scene
• 2 matinee projects

Project on the Marketplace

PS: Before the “build lighting” need open the “BaseLightmass.ini” (Your drive:\Epic Games\4.11\Engine\Config) and change the value of the parameter “NumHemisphereSample“ (16=>64 or 128) In chapter [DevOptions.ImportanceTracing]. And you achieve the same results!!!