Interior - semi gothic - (WIP)

Hello everyone!

this is my first arch-viz project test that I’m using unreal engine.

I’m a freelance technical 3D artist and interior designer, and as great part of my job requires I try to keep up with CG updates on ways of implementing your design in presentable workflow.

anyway so I’ve been following up on UE news and thought It’s high time I created one of my weighty projects with UE. I choose this project in particular because it includes very high poly objects and feeds on natural light to bring out details. two very

important attributes that affect almost every interior project I work on. GI calculation and handling of geometry.

here are some of the screen shots. I hope you like them and I could use your C&C.



this project took me over a month to bring in everything I had learned over past few years. It’s a very steep learning curve specially level blueprinting.

Your modeling and light mapping looks really good! I would warm up the lighting a lot, it feels very cold.

chromatic aberration is too strong, lower it to at least half. other than that, looks great

Where do you change this parameter, not sure I’ve seen it?

select your post-process volume and under the details panel, it’s called Scene Fringe


Ahh thanks! I think I leave that off so far, good to know what it is though. :slight_smile:

thank you : ). about it being cold, that is how its intended to be; client wanted desaturated walls and atmosphere but set bold with neoclassic furniture. I’m not sure if I ever find time to put furniture in cause so far max to unreal conversation has been very verryyyyyyyyyyyyyy time consuming xD

okay yeah went kinda wild with post process, I guess its first thrill of real time adventure. I need time and experience to find good and natural post processing setting

lowered post processing grain, chromatic aberration and increased exposure bias.

Looks great! I think it could really benefit from some more props and set dressing; the rooms seem a bit empty now

This looks quite nice, but I would agree with the above criticisms about lack of furniture. I would also add some reflectors behind the windows and increase the bloom so that you get nice, soft, glowing light through them. You are getting the light spilling through on the floor, but the windows really need to have this same effect. Look at the window light in this one: xoio berlin flat - UE4 archviz realtime test animation - YouTube I would try the same thing with the curtains too, so I looks like there is a bright light source behind.