Interior Scene Splotches


As you can see on image below, There is splotches in sharp corner on the wall.
Could you suggest what can i do to fix it.

Thank you.

Make sure that your walls and ceiling line up exactly and don’t extend past each other, if there’s a surface that extends outside then the sunlight will illuminate that part and it’ll bleed onto the inside. Same with shadows

Hi, Thank you for your help.

I tried to remove my Skylight, and its fixed.

Can u share the i fo how you lit up the room? Did you use any spot lights i side to fill? Or just directional light and skylight? If you removed skylight… what did you use then? Thxs!

Hi Syrom,

I use Atmosphere Fog for outside lights, and just Directional Light, without any Skylight.
It’s looks dark, But i increase the autoexposure.