Interior Lightning for Space Station/Night time sky?

Hello, I wanted to see if anyone could give me tips on interior lightning for doing a night scene. To be honest I really don’t know where to start off, at most I just made a skysphere for my HDRI but after that I’m a bit lost. The scene is a small section of a space station with a window looking out into space. What I’m aiming for is just a natural indoor lightning with everything inside the station is brightly lit, but I’m having to use point lights at about 20k intensity just to get the brightness I need but it casts shadows I really don’t need on top of the shadows being huge. If anyone can give me tips or point me to a small tutorial that’d be great, i’ve looked online but I can’t really find anything that works. I know it’s in space and there’s no moon but because of that I’m struggling to get the results I need. Which I’m also guessing is why some of my shiny materials like the white floors isn’t shiny as well.