Interior/Exterior Scene with one postprocess?

it´s possible to build an Interior/Exterior Scene only with one postprocess volume? i supossed with auto expo exposure, maybe?? if some boy can tell me any recomendation with the directional an and sky light presets


You can tweak the exposure settings to work ok for both interior and exterior but you have more control and better results with multiple volumes. Why do you only want to use one volume?

hi im trying how it is the better workflow,
also i dont know if for this scene the normally it´s to set up the direcctional light higher than the skylight or lower or the same value
i will try with 2 volume if you put 2 volume the exterior unbound doesn´t it? and you set exposure first on the exterior and after interior a set the priority at the interior volume

the exterior volume needs to be unbound with a lower priority (0) and the interior volume needs to cover the building’s inside and have a higher priority (eg. 5). The camera position matters. So if you are inside the house and look out of the window the interior volume matters and not the exterior. Because you are in the post process volume for the interior. Same other way around. If you look into the building you will still be in the outside volume and the inside will be dark.

For the lighting it is a matter of taste. I put skylight usually to something like 1 and the sun light much higher (10 lux)

Hope that helps

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ok im trying it but i’m getting very dark shadows on the exterior, especially on the face where the sun does not strike, at the interior better, any advise?
skylight 1
sun light 16 lux

Look at how many bounces your skylight is producing (needs to be stationary or static), this is under world settings. I find somewhere around 5-8 works better. Also try increasing the skylight intensity to something like 1.5 or 2 - this is just in the standard skylight settings

I would also look at your environment colour and intensity, also under world settings. Make it a light grey or very de-saturated blue, and increase the power to 2.

Personally, I would set the sun/directional light once I have the skylight set correctly - I would never go past around an intensity of 5, maybe even lower.

The trick is to do each of the above in steps - test it on a basic scene that bakes quickly.

Keep in mind, this is more art than science - the discussion around lighting in Unreal is ongoing and subject to a fair amount of criticism of its apparent lack of scientific grounding. I’m not too concerned with that personally, I just make it look good and this takes time to learn!