Interior/Exterior Home Visualization WIP

I’m a fourth year student at RIT currently working on my senior thesis project which primarily involves developing realtime Archviz in UE4. Here’s is my current progress from halfway through the year.

I am very much open to comments and critique. So far my biggest challenge has been actually set dressing the interior and deciding what pieces of furniture/arrangement works.

This looks very nice… I actually have seen this on your youtube channel while I was flipping through one day. I personally think that it is the materials that make a scene, not necessarily a fully populated space. Your materials are really quite good ( with the exception of the Eames Chair leather, in real life it is less rough and bit more polished and shiner- try a smoother normal map and lower the roughness if you want that look) and I think the building’s overall design is also very beautiful. That being said, it is really just a matter of playing with the furniture and props in the space until it looks right. A great challenge for this scene would be doing a version with lights and a night version too, seeing it in different lighting can help with deciding on furniture placement. Great work! :slight_smile:

Hey! This looks really amazing! :slight_smile:

Wow this is great!! The only thing that I would change (but this is nitpicking) is the glass in the last screen shot. Its not being rendered with depth of field, which you can change in the material options by ticking off Seperate Translucency in the Translucency drop down.
Ill be following this to see how this will turn out when it’s fully set dressed :smiley:

Very nice! Could you give a breakdown of your DOF settings? I always struggle with fine-tuning it to look just right.

I like your chromatic aberration, but it might be just a bit too much. Your ambient occlusion might need a bit more radius to be more realistic (just one of those things you might want to come back to occasionally,) and your dirt/leaves ground texture looks a bit funky in the last screenshot. Of course, that is a really little thing.

Your glass material looks great ! Can you share with us ? thanks : )

By the way, this tutorial for parallax occlusion mapping might help you out with the exterior ground material.

Thanks! I’ve made changes to the Earnes chair leather based on your comments. I do intend to implement multiple time of day and/or time of season “presets” where I will likely just load a different version of the same map but with a different time of day baked in.

I was unaware this was a feature, thanks for the info!

I always use Circle DOF and I always make sure the focal distance is adjusted accurately via the Depth of Field Layers viewport buffer. I have actually experimented with POM materials and have them for a few things in my scene so far, but I was having trouble with blending POM textures accurately. It’s definitely something I will be looking into more.

Thanks! Here’s a screenshot of the material.

Thanks for the glass material~
when I use on window glass,the refraction 1.49 make exterior view strange.
if I set near 1.1,that seems more normal,any suggestion?

Hi guys, here’s some updated images of this scene. Slowly I’m beginning to fill out the space and soon will be focusing more on interactivity once all of the visual elements are complete. As always, I’m open to critique and comments.

Come on Epic, glasses please! Awesome job! It looks great.

ThomasWalker I appreciate your learning skills and the way you implemented in your sample project looks amazing !! Can you give me some tips on how to progress through?

Wow, that wooden floor is amazing!!

Can you tell us your settings for lightmass in editor and baselightmass.ini please - are you baking on medium preset?

SO; this is a student work…!!? :confused:

Hey guys, here’s some updated shots of this project. As the project is due in two weeks, I’m starting to just wrap up everything and implement some level of interaction. It’s been a lot of fun figuring out the workflow necessary to achieve quality levels like this, although they’re still not quite where I want them to be. As I am not an architect by school nor trade, this project has also been a great learning experience on that end. After graduation I am moving straight into a large Arch Viz firm so I hope to further implement this process into their workflow if possible. I think I’d like to do a postmortem of this process after it’s all complete.

As always, comments and critique are always welcome.

High-res imgur album (5000 x 2142)


Impressive!! how did you set up the lighting with both exterior and interior combined?

Incredible detail - especially the bench in the 2nd to last shot. Are you using the cloth material (new in 4.11) for the couch cushions?