Intergrating Weapon models from store?

I just bought The Sci Fi weapons pack-Silver, and I’m wondering If I can intergrate them into a blank, or being “worked on” project, separate from the FPS Example Demo.
One Idea is to merge them into the Basic First person blueprint example, and work on it from there, or perhaps doing it from scratch might be better.
Any idea guys on what options with tutorials I have? Thanks in advance guys.

To attach a weapon, use the “attach to” node. Concerning the basic fps character, the weapon is in the mesh so, or you spawn your weapon at same place (ignore colliding), or you export to a 3d program (blender is free ^^) and delete this part (and maybe add a bone to attach your weapon to its socket, i don’t know about the fps skeleton)

After you create your project, you are then able to add the weapons pack to it, through the launcher by selecting your project when adding it.