Interface Message with valid Target never Arrives

I have an interface event for damaging units. I have a projectile that hits a unit with the damage interface event within its blueprint. on overlap, it prints out which unit it hit, and sends the damage message to the hit unit. However, the unit never receives the message despite the printed collision indeed being that unit and the other actor variable being valid.

I used a breakpoint on the interface message in the projectile and a breakpoint on the interface event in the hit unit, and the game stops on the interface message, but when resume is pressed it never stops in the unit itself. It doesn’t make any sense. Especially since I have another projectile that succeeds in hitting and damaging the unit using the same method.

It just never gets the message.



I tried remaking the interface message, which sometimes works to fix bugs, but it did not work this time.

I ended up not using an interface call for damage on a character and instead did a cast to the character blueprint. Damage is working on all projectiles again.