Interface function implementation - change from 4.6 to 4.8?

In 4.6, when blueprint class was implementing an interface, there was ‘Overridable Functions’ section above variables and we could implement functions from interface by clicking RMB on them and selecting “Implement Function”. Now, in 4.8 i can’t see it anymore. However, there is possibility to ‘Add New’ → ‘Override Function’, but is this the same thing? The difference is, it now creates a call to parent function. I’m confused, is this the same thing as implementing interface functions in 4.6 and earlier versions? If so, why there is this call to parent function?

Update: After compiling, an error appeared: “Cannot override (FunctionName) which was declared in a parent with different signature”. Then I’ve deleted this call to parent function, compiled again and the error disappeared and it’s ok. Why this call to parent function is appearing after implementing an interface’s function, when it does not make any sense and it only causes this error?

Update2: My interface functions had outputs, because earlier in 4.6 they were not visible without them. Now i’ve deleted the outputs, clicked again Add New → Override Function, and now it creates an event inside main Event Graph instead of creating a function O_o And throws an error “The function in node (interface’s function name) cannot be overridden and/or placed as event”. Well, i’ll just add these function outputs back and delete again thic ‘call to parent function’. But i have no idea what’s going on…

Events are functions, they just cosmetically different and can’t return varables (because in this way you don’t need returns). If you place event you overriding the function, it will overwrite parent function like in normal override and you need to do parent event call to extend the function (you can create it in right-click context menu of event)

Ok thanks, so i will try to override it with those events then… I just would prefer to have every function as a separated graph, not all overrided functions in one main Event Graph like it does with those events. But well, i guess i need to adapt to those changes :stuck_out_tongue: