Interface event not being called

I’m having a bit of an issue getting back into Interfaces after not touching them for a while. I have a blueprint Actor (Dummy_NPC) with a Widget Component as a child (With a widget Dummy_Widget as the selected class), and I want to pass a string into the widget to use as the contents of a Text Box. I generate the name in the Dummy_NPC event graph and try to pass it to the Dummy_Widget using an Interface.

For some reason, the Event is not being passed. I’m unsure what I’m doing incorrectly, as I think I’ve followed the instructions on Interface Quick Start Guide | Unreal Engine Documentation accurately. The Interface has one input and I’m using the Event to pass the MyName string from the Dummy_NPC to the Dummy_Widget. Is there a better method to do so, or am I just missing a step or two somewhere?