Interface Blueprint Event not triggering

Hi, I have a blueprint interface being called from within an object’s Event Graph and I wanted to use it to trigger an event elsewhere.

When I try to call the ‘pickup interface’ event from another blueprint (first person BP or Level BP) it does not seem to trigger.

Shown below is the setup in the object BP (top) and how I am trying to use the event as it is called in the 1stPersonCharacter (middle). I have also tried the same
BP in the Level blueprint and I still get no trigger occuring.

I get a successful Print string ‘Grabbing Object’ from the object when it is touched so I know the collision events etc is working ok and I have the ‘pickup’ interface BP implemented
in all the relevent BP’s but it does not seem to be working.

Can anyone see what I am doing wrong here?




Also here is the Pickup interface as it is set up

grabbing 3.PNG