Interface blueprint comunication not working!!

I’m learning to use interface but i can’t understand why this simple system i setted up don’t work… it only prints on screen: “PRESSING”, and nothing of “PRESSED”…
The interface is implemented in the NewBlueprint and everything is compiled and saved, the “The Target BP” variable is assigned to the NewBlueprint in the ThirdPersonCharacter BP.


I’ve already gone trough so many tutorials and forums and nothing helped, so i decided to write my own post. Please help me, thank you in advance.

Do you get an errors? Is that target BP variable actually pointing at an instance?

Does your target BP actually have the interface added?

What do you mean poiting at an instance? that i dont understand, i just went to select the type of variable and wrote the exact name of “NewBlueprint” and got an object reference. And no i don’t get any errors.

Is the object reference assigned to something?

Yes it is assigned to “NewBlueprint”

And yes it is inplemented in the NewBlueprint, i said it in the description

Yes, I know :), but what I’m asking is, did you fix this

by assigning it?

I didn’t changed it because of this:
and i didn’t understand it

Right, that means you have to assign it at runtime.

You third person character is calling on -A- NewBlueprint, but you have to say -WHICH- NewBlueprint…

You need to put a NewBlueprint in the level, then you can point at it from the character:

That was it !!! Thank you, now i understand it, i had no ideia, thank you very much.