Interesting UI/Localization Issue - Help Needed

So i just got done with translating my game from English to French, but im having a little bit of an issue when swapping between them, both in the widget preview mode and whilst playing the game (in standalone and a shipping build).

Quick video of the issue: VIDEO

My issue is that there is one specific word that just doesn’t want to switch to the correct language when the language is first set.

The word is “back” and is stored in my common words string table. As can be seen in the video, if i preview a different language, it is the only thing that doesn’t change. I can force it to work by unlinking the word, relinking it and setting it to a different word from the table and then switching it back to the word “back”. This however is only temporary, as the issue comes right back upon reloading the project.

Every other word in the string table works except the word “back”. Heck… i even tried making a new entry in the string table with a different ID and having the word “back” also inside of it… and it STILL didnt work.

Its a fairly trivial issue, but it really removes a lot of the polish from a game when the player sees an untranslated word that only updates when they switch to a different widget after they have already chosen to change language. I would really like this issue fixed if possible so i appreciate any help people can give me.

Thanks in advance!