Interested in Mythology?

Shaken Studios is working on a JRPG that is going to have a heavy focus on Mythology.
We are not focusing on any pantheon inparticular.

Short synopsis: The world is over taken by a darkness, think like a cult or a dark religion.
you play as a kid that goes around the world recruiting different gods from other pantheons
to fight the evil and cleanse the world.

If you have ever had an interest in mythology this would be a great project for you to be a part of.

feel free to contact me with more questions

I love myth, but i am noobish in all other sectors of my life, aside that, but when i am drunk and singing, i sound like a druid!

norse myth, to be specific

If you have any interest in writing, coding, or art for this project please email me so that we can talk more about the project and see about getting you a part of it.

Heya, this Recruitment Template might help you in your recruiting efforts, really helps outline what potential applicants are looking for when perusing job threads. The more info you share/show the better your results will be. Good Luck! :slight_smile: