Interested in Joining a Growing Gaming Community Clan?

/.I am the Leader of the TUC Clan. The Clan is a rebranded / Updated NORA Clan. The Clan spreads across games, such as Assassin creed, COD, Battlefield, Uncharted, 007, Ninja Gaiden, Xenoverse, and a few others.

The Clan name is to be the biggest and strongest, Uploading videos on YT, Streaming on Twitch, if one group in a game is known, it’ll help the reputation in all. The Uncharted group, is so feared other players literally QUIT when they see the name “TUC”.

I have leaders for each game, LINK32207 007 leader, Strikekennedy2/Machinakunagiri as uncharted leader, Alamolover as COD leader etc.
I am basically the recruiter/CEO and a member of each clans group.

I want to start a Clan here, need a strong leader, able to help scout for members and lead a group with tactics and of course having fun! Paragon is a HUGE community and will do wonders for the TUC name.

This is not exactly the place to recruit. Im sure paragon has its own forum. This place is for people to look for answers in developing projects with the engine.