Interest in Mecha Shooters?

Is there an interest from people to have a more hardcore Armored Core type game? I am thinking of starting a company to make one based off my artwork and my taste in both FPS and realistic vehicle combat games and sims.
Artwork is here if ya’ll wanna see. I’m just curious if there is an audience for mecha shooters still

I like those kind of games, I loved Phantom Crash when I was around 12 years old, and now I’m waiting for Dual Gear to completely release to buy it.

Are you interested in a music composer? I make dynamic Industrial techno but I can make more spacious works than 4 beats.
Here is my work: I | e-Terpe (

I actually already hired a composer to help me make some music already, sorry. I need a programmer but am mostly here just gauging peoples’ interest.