Interest in Low Poly stylised assets for making a fantasy game?

Hi everyone, I recently got interested in modelling and animating for game engines, and I was wondering if people had any interest in a pack containing lots of low poly assets which could be used to build a fantasy game. I produced a demo the other week, which demonstrates the kind of style I work in. Id like to improve on it with slightly more detail and better use of PBR channels. This was made over the course of about a week and a half, so some of it is not as polished as I would like, but I think it gets the idea across.

If people would be interested in a large pack of this kind of stuff, what settings and characters ect would you be interested in?
I tried to keep my demo fairly unique, as I felt like there’s already a lot of standard medieval Europe style stuff floating around, and it might be cool to do something exciting and magical to match the less realistic art style, though if people want that I’d certainly not be against it. Its not very well demonstrated in the video, but I have a pretty decent amount of experience in animation too, so Id like to include characters for use as player characters or NPCs.

Looks nice!

I definitely think you should include some characters as well. Using heavily stylised packs can be difficult if you do not have matching characters.

I do not got a specific setting in mind right now…

Hi @Parapo

look nice ✯

With Toon Shader and Color Grading post process could be created a fantastic mobile game!!!:slight_smile:


I actually wasn’t aware Unreal supported toon shading. It looks like it could be really good, I’ll definitely try some out! Thanks for bringing it to my attention.