Interest in creating a remake of WH40k:Space Marine

is there anyone who likes (loves) the TT* version of WH40k, or is disgusted by what heresy was released with Space Marine?!
hell even if you don’t like well anything about the game:

  • bugs/glitches/invisible walls everywhere
  • lack of leveling up
  • lack of gear upgrades or substitutions in the campaign
  • lack of promotion during gameplay via commendation awards (the little ‘wax looking’ script/codex bits attached to the armor)
  • forced to go back to basic weapons/etc. when entering a new area or chapter that is not directly connected via a specific path
  • how the game is so extremely linear as to make playing the game absolutely boring, seriously the game almost plays itself wtf is the interest or fun in that…
  • how you don’t get any choice of SM Chapter within the legion of the God Emperor, not to mention the entire game is not LORE friendly at all (except almost the jump packs)
  • lack of any choice whatsoever
  • the lack of any customization for singleplayer… or slot items, or ranking, or abilities, etc. from original WH40k
  • anything else i haven’t covered


  • this is not a ‘new’ game as such, but a remake or re-imagining of the old game WH40k Space Marines.

  • adding more options for customizing the experience

  • fixing or preventing as many bugs/errors/invisible walls/glitches/etc. as possible

  • expanding the game with choices on how to treat a ‘cut-scene’ and making it interactive and not a complete snorefest

  • adding options to ‘give in’ to the Chaos and become a devotee/Son of Chaos-Chosen One/etc. (including armor, demon summoning, etc.)

  • maybe adding champaign’s for other factions (from their point of view) if possible, Example: Tyranid, Orks, Eldar, Chaos or maybe even some specific chapter of Space Marines…

  • IF you would like to see certain restrictions to some ideas because they would ruin the game (while i am an idea guy, among other things, not all of the ideas i have are right for fans of the original TT* version of the WH40k which is expansive indeed) leave a comment.

  • IF you would like to see any of this changed (even if its only a 3rd or 1st person shooter) leave a comment.

  • IF you want some added story and choice (not to mention strategy) leave a comment.

  • IF you want a WH40k that isn’t so extremely limited even for a linear game (seriously you can count the number of places that aren’t confined to a specified line) leave a comment.

  • IF you have constructive ideas, expansion ideas, or anything helpful that i might not have mentioned, leave a comment.

If/When there are enough people on the forums who are interested i will start a new patreon specifically for this project, would want about 2k-10k ppl that are interested in the idea; people who have subscribed or voted.

  • The first thing will be to setup a new patreon page with all the information laid out as detailed as possible.
  • Second will be to spread the word beyond this thread and forum to everyone you know to try start getting patrons to support the project (would be similar to my current patreon)
  • once the benchmarks are completed (the first will be 2k per month) then i will be able to get people permanently working on the remake
  • if by some miracle the goal of 10k is reached, i or more probably someone who can multitask will contact the sega/games workshop/bioware (who currently holds the rights to WH40k:SM)/relic (if they still exist in any form besides their forums)
  • using the TT* game books/codex/etc. as a guide (after getting to the first goal) to have a conceptual artist work on everything that will go into the game.
  • will also be using any current reference/conceptual material that exists and is as close to the original TT* game as possible.

feel free to share your thoughts, not that i will pay much attention to all of them.

  • TT = Table Top version

if you conflict in saying you want a remake but still love playing SM the way it is and things don’t really need to be changed, this is counterproductive and useless because you obviously do not want a remake at all, so dont post here EVER!
(if it is possible your posts will be deleted permanently, because they much like you are useless here)

References that might be used like some of the attachments…