Interest in a Vampire: The masquerade bloodlines like template

EDIT: Because I was employed I can no longer work on the project. I apologize for that. I won’t delete the thread, but it will not longer be updated.

Hello community

I’ve recently got more time on my hands and I want to use it for something useful. My own game is in it’s planning phase, so I can’t really continue there.

Yesterday I saw some footage of a pretty old RPG called “Vampire: The masquerade bloodlines”. I loved this game and I didn’t see anything like it in the past decade, so I thought:

Why not make a template for this type of game. I would structure it in the same way the old game operated. Maybe even with some additions.

HERE IS THE WIP THREAD:…pired-template

So my question is: Is anyone interested?

The template will be released for free and if the interest is big enough, I would even consider making videos, how to use the blueprints (tutorial).

So yes that is all I wanted to ask.

You can vote in the poll, but I would be really glad, if you would comment too. Even if you have something nostalgic to say in terms of VTMB.

So long fellow vampires,

Would you like a Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines like template?