Interest in a large texture pack?

Hey everyone,

I’m a professional photographer, and I wanted to find out whether folks would be interested in natural 4k textures; multiple variations (i.e, half a dozen or so at least) of soil, grass, rocks, stones, pebbles, cliff faces, moss, leaves, etc. Each would include height, AO, normal maps, and material instances with configuration options meant to make it easy to adapt these textures and materials to whatever project you might want to use them in namely blending environment colors and tiling options. I could also include things like concrete, pavement, and some additional man made textures as well if there is a desire from the community.

Let me know!

I would eat this up, there’s always room for more textures I just got the substance data base 2.0, not a lot of nature in it.

Would love a pack like this. has some nice stuff, but it’s a lot of reused assets to create variations. Some really nice ground coverage (rock, moss, forest floor, pebbles/small stones) and perhaps some assets to use with Speedtree (bark, pine needles, leaves, branches, etc.)

Would be really cool to have a package like this. :slight_smile:

Large, high quality textures are the only ones I am interested in =]

I would love a pack like this.

Defenetly as long as they are seamless ofcourse. Physical shaded ready is another plus.

Be sure to convert your photos to Albedo btw :slight_smile:
Or even better set up the camera so its already shooting for PBR related content.

any good link about setting camera? i interesting in that topics

Hmm, the link I had for setting up the camera died.
It had a good tutorial about using a filter for both your flash and lens. (basically use the filters that come with some 3d-glasses).
If I can find it ill be sure to drop the link.

Edit: oh I foundit: (super ghetto setup)
And if you have a mcbeth chart, this could be handy for us lazy people:

thanks. reading!