Intercept input event data

If I need an input event management class to manage all the input events, such as: keyboard, mouse input (click or slide), how to intercept input event data directly?

I’d think that PlayerInput (.h and .cpp)would be a good starting point.
Also, see that the PlayerController has a PlayerInput instance that I assume does all of this processing:

/** Object that manages player input. */
class UPlayerInput* PlayerInput;   

Thank you, this is related to InputComponent, but now the demand is in some places, events are intercepted unknown things, rather than by their own control, so it is necessary to intercept the system input through the control of their own, how can I get to

For example, input events are controlled by their own, rather than the system intercepted

My apologies but I don’t quite understand what you mean. Could you give a more detailed example of what you are trying to do?

I would like to dynamically bind and lift the input event, for example, bound to an object with the right mouse button to click on the input and clear the right click event