Interactivity: The Interactive Experience

Hi folks. For the January Jam I made a short walking simulator with a couple of easy puzzles which, provided you explore off the beaten path, provides a surreal little comment about the nature of interactivity in games and how we limit it with conventions. Since then I’ve polished it a bit, expanded the “true” ending, added voice-over and threw it up on under the title Interactivity: The Interactive Experience.

I think (hope) Allar enjoyed the jam version, and Alexander also mentioned it on the winners stream. A couple of people have likened it to a short, free variation on The Stanley Parable: it’s no where near as good as Stanley :o, but it does tackle similar themes. I thought I’d mention it here in case anyone wants to check out the final version.

Read the full description or download it from](Interactivity: The Interactive Experience by Aetheric Games)

Aetheric Games

I watched a video from a guy who played your game, i must say, it looks very fun to play, gg :wink:

I tried to download and it seems to stop downloading after 1 minute every time…

I played it but all 3 ending triggers are like the same for me.

Nice one!
I am currently working with Blueprint to get the same kind of control scheme (but I am a really big noob :x) and I was curious how did you setup your character, especially for switching the camera when clicking on the screens.


Hmmm… that can only be a problem with or with your connection.

Well, once the game has ended it is the same, yes. But the difference is how you get there.

The screens all have a camera component and the game mode takes care of switching cameras. As for the interaction (grabbing, pushing buttons, examining) that’s just done with a line trace. The actors you can interact with have a special component that tells the game mode how they can be interacted with. I usually do that sort of thing in the game mode, but it could just as easily be done by the player controller. I have some coding experience, but I only use blueprints - just have a poke around for tutorials and you’ll get there. :slight_smile:

Thank you!

I can’'t seem to get past the first room, the lever room. How can I get that door to open?

anyone? MrBehemoth?

It turns out malosal was having difficulty as they were playing in VR. This wasn’t designed with VR in mind, as the interaction cursor is bound to the middle of the screen, like a cross hair. The game is best played with mouse and keyboard or with a gamepad. Cheers! :slight_smile: