Interactivity: The Interactive Experience

The Stanley Parable + David Lynch + Groundhog Day =
Interactivity: The Interactive Experience

A short, kind of creepy, meta-narrative walking-sim, releasing on Steam (published by Pixeljam) and, on 23rd October 2019.

If any of this sounds familiar, it might be because Interactivity started out life as an Unreal Jam game, back in January 2015. The theme of the jam was “Don’t push the button!” so I made a short sarcastic walking-sim about how games are all about pushing buttons. Since then it’s grown into a meta-narrative experience about how our interaction with game worlds is limited by convention, that tries to be awkwardly-funny and oppressive in equal measure.

Since then, Interactivity has been completely remade, with new models, new textures and materials, a bunch of recursive endings, achievements and a whole album of original music by Miles Tilmann of Pixeljam.

Out today on itch and steam, with a 15% discount!