Interactively change animation rate Maya/Max style - best way to do that?

I’m trying to see which is the best way to change the animation rate, since I need to manage a scene with A LOT of animations on the same character.

I thought that Matinee also allow the modification of the animation rate but looks like that you can only shorten it and unfortunately that is not what I’m looking for.

In the animation blueprint I saw that you can change the “Play rate” on the details tab, but it would be great to have something similar to Matinee where you have the possibility to interactively drag&extend/shorten the animation itself with the 3D preview of the animation itself.

In short, something like in Maya/Max where you can interactively move the animation along the timeline and decide wheter or not extend or shortne the animation itself without going again into Maya/Max to do that.

Is there a way to achieve that within UE4 without coding?


something like this?