Interactive Video: handling objects as selection game

Hi, i have a initial project:
I have this video: Leliko Bölüm 7 - Burada Ne Gider Oyunu - Çizgi Film | Düşyeri - YouTube, and at that point i need to make a interactive game when the use must to click in the the option(which vehicle is used in the environment), if the correct option is clicked an animation is played, if not, the user must to choose again.

I created a empty project with the initial content and i changed the player mode in order to enable the Mouse input. And i created a new blueprint for implements this logic:

Now, i implemented a “choosing” blueprint:

As you can see, clicking in each option give a different value to the answer.

Finally, i got it with this simple BluePrint:

But i still have a question:

This blueprint is not my blueprint, it is a default blueprint that i cannot find in the content manager, i cannot change its name, etc. Why?

I’m using now BluePrints instead static mesh in order to make it in a better way, i did the same that the blue print:

When i click in the blueprint object in the level, i don’t get anything, why? How can i reference the level blueprint object in the blueprint workflow?

But, how can i connect that events with the main event?