Interactive Tools Framework: TransformGizmo not interactable

Hi There!

I’m currently working with the Interactive Tools Framework to try and create an editor mode that allows me to create and Bezier Patches, and stich them together. However I’m having some trouble with some of the basic functionality of the ITF - namely, I can’t get TransformGizmos to be interactable!

I have a TransformGizmo created (pictured above) created using the following code:

    TransformProxy = NewObject<UTransformProxy>(this);
    // TransformGizmo = GizmoManager->CreateCustomTransformGizmo(ETransformGizmoSubElements::TranslateAllAxes, this);
    TransformGizmo = GizmoManager->CreateCustomRepositionableTransformGizmo(ETransformGizmoSubElements::FullTranslateRotateScale, this);
    TransformProxy->OnTransformChanged.AddUObject(this, &UCubicPatchEditingTool::TransformChanged);

I’ve been attempting to use the Modelling Editing Mode as a template for the tools, have an editor mode set up, and seem to set up the TransformGizmo in a similar way, however my Gizmo can’t be interacted with.

I’ve tried it with a CustomTransformGizmo, and also a CustomRepositionalTransformGizmo, however neither seem to help, I’ve been trying to work out if I need to apply a Behaviour to the Gizmo (Like USingleClickInputBehaviour) but I’m at a loss for whether this is necessary or not.

I’m not sure what more I need to do more than what I’ve done to correctly set it up to respond to interaction, as currently it seems to work only as a visual gizmo at a location. I’d massively appreciate anyone’s help in the matter - thanks in advance!


were u able to solve this problem?