Interactive Tools Framework: Transform Gizmo not moveable

I’ve been trying to get an editor tool working, and have hit an issue with the TransformGizmos and TransformProxies. Namely, when I create a Transform Gizmo I’m not able to interact with it.

I’ve created a TransformGizmo in a completely empty scene using the following code:

void UTestTool::Setup()
	TransformProxy = NewObject<UTransformProxy>(this);
	TransformGizmo = GizmoManager->Create3AxisTransformGizmo(this);

Which I thought was all that was needed based on Ryan Schmidt’s in depth article on the ITF (scroll down to the gizmo section for reference): The Interactive Tools Framework in UE4.26 (at Runtime!) — gradientspace

However, in my implementation of it, the gizmo is completely un-interactable and I can’t work out why. It doesn’t seem to suggest that I need to attach an interaction behaviour onto the gizmo itself, but maybe it needs something like a UDragBehaviourMechanic on it to make it function?

If anyone has any idea about this, or any further reading sources on it, I’d love the help

Thanks a lot.


Update: After trying to add a DragClickBehaviour I’ve still not been able to get it to be interactable, will be trying some other behaviours to see if they make a difference.

Hello were u able to solve this issue sir?