Interactive Spline IK


is it possible to make a in-engine real-time spline ik, or something with a similar functionality?
I want to do this for a VR avatar where the head position is motion tracked (ie the headsets positional tracking).
UE4 seems to support 2-bone IK but for my Spine setup I want something a bit more fluid and bendable.
Would anyone have any suggestions?


You could do it with physical constraints (disable gravity, turn up damping, and physically simulate).

Also can you edit your title? Spline is a little misleading…

Not sure what exactly you are suggesting I do? I don’t think that I want to physics simulate these joints. I need it to be more stable and predictable than that.
The title is correct, I am asking about if it would be possible to re-create a sort of spline ik, or anything similar.