Interactive Screen Ingame

Hello my Friends,

i wanted to add a interactive screen to my game so they could go to diffrent floors with the elevator.

I followed This tutorial to help understanding the basics of what i have to do. I did everything he did and i can provide it with some screenshots, but i dont know why but i cant even get the most easy interaction done with this widgetBP even if i just make a event if i click on the widget to post a String it wont even notice, even my WidgetInteraction debug tool wont work and wont show me the dirrection its facing at. I looked arround for a couple of hours and cant find a fix does someone of you guys understand what is going on?

if u still need more information or a screenshot of something specific just let me know.

i followed this Tutorial by the way: Unreal Engine 4 Interactive Sci Fi Screens! (Widget Blueprints Tutorial) - YouTube