[INTERACTIVE REAL ESTATE SALE TOOL] My exterior project focus on RealEstate Sale purpose

My exterior project focus on RealEstate Sale purpose
100% BP made by myself, if you guys have any advice, im welcome to listen :smiley:

Looks great. Practical utility with a nice render quality. For feedback, I’d say the video is a bit long for marketing purposes. Adding transitions and a quick title screen would probably make it a more interesting presentation, perhaps with a brief description or ‘heading’ title before each particular feature is shown. It helps organize the video so viewers (especially potential clients) can skip through easier to certain parts, plus highlighting the tool’s capabilities.

THanks for your feed back man. I’ll try on my next video :relaxed:

Speaking of customer, if u work in the ArchViz field like me.
​​​Can u share with me some effective ways to look for customers ?
Thats would be great
By the way, I’m Andy Vietnamese 3D artist, great to hear from u

I’m not in the ArchViz field thus far because I’m learning the engine still. However, one way I would suggest is to go to forums online that are specifically for real estate and property dev professionals. Ask some questions that are pertaining to their needs / methods and try not to advertise yourself right at the start. Try to not be sneaky about it either. Or simply post the video you’ve made and any other pertinent content you’ve created and offer services. The reason I suggest the other approach first though is to not attract potential bad publicity or let your ideas be taken / outcompeted easily. Show the video(s) and content / your capabilities when you have at least a bit of trust in a particular professional or business that has responded well to the questions you ask / propose.


THanks for your advices man. Real estate forum and community sound great, I’ll try that later on.
I’ll start with re-edit ad_video first :slight_smile:

U told me you’re learning UE4 right, I may not work in same field with u, but still the same Software. So feel free to ask me if u have any questions.

Sure, it’s one channel for potential marketing, etc. I’m learning Unreal to potentially get into architectural visualization and/or other areas of visualization and application. I was initially interested in video game creation, but it’s too much to do to create a game entirely alone…especially with a low-level knowledge of the engine and programming. However, it could be a future endeavor. What lighting do you use for your interactive real estate tool? If you would rather not share it in the forum, send me a message and we’ll continue the conversation there.

Yeah I also think its potential too, but at least 1 year more in VietNam to people accept it I guest.
I like video game too but just like u. Too big industry and take years to master :D. So arch Viz seems to be better option. But I wonder that u are learning this field or already master 3Ds Max and Vray ?. Bc u should know that first to join this industry or at least have a start job :3

It’s ok to talk about my project here. Actually I think I need to rebuild the lighting b/c I set too low when built it. But I did use CPU light mass and Movable Sun, I may change to use GPU light mass next time and set much higher. For most of the UE4 project for arch Viz, they just got 1 formula for light, first u build with Static or Stationary (for Sky,point, text light… Except only Sun light) then Use Movable Sunlight for Light Change Function ( b/c u can see the light moving around with Sun). So the hardest things not lighting ( if u have strong pc to test :D),hard thing would be how u Unwrap your UV light map to have correct lighting cast on object’s surface. And when u working with big project like mine, u have to learn how to optimize your Mesh and Material to raise your FPS ( bc not like take a picture or render video, interactive walk through take a lot of memory of PC so u have to optimize to have smooth experience and easier to sale project to your Customer, bc they can’t spend 1 or 2k US to build strong computer just only see your project !)

Speaking of UE4 for Archi Viz still have a huge problem man. (Delivery), we don’t have way to let customer experience our high Res Interactive project (like I said can’t by PC just to see and hard to move around). U can build so stunning view but u customer just can see on their workstation… Haha.
So I’m focusing on ArchViz for Android Build, I think u should consider this so u can save your time on your learning path.

Here my other project, some available on Android, if u wanna try, let me know :slight_smile:

Another option for optimizing scenes is to split them into different levels, and have a toggle-able list of the levels that is accessible any time. I’m not familiar with VRay or 3DSMax in terms of modeling, only heard about them in the forums. I’m starting with Blender. It’ll probably be far less of an issue in a year for customers / clients to see the higher-res versions of projects / interactive walkthrough. There’s challenges with mobile too, such as screen size, controls (kinda difficult to swipe and tap through an entire area of a city or details of large apt complex), and the limitations of Unreal methods to render it for mobile. It’s still quite a new thing, this archviz with high-end graphics and interactivity online / on computers, as it’s continuously being developed to be better, faster, and more in-depth and realistic. Thanks for sharing info. I’m currently working on solving some problems with lighting and rendering that prevented me from learning more of the engine and doing something with what I’ve learned. It’s beginning to improve and I’ve received help in the forum, so I’m going to start creating something soon.

I think for now the Android would be better way to deliver to customer so im working on Selling this, hope people gonna accept it :D. I’ll tell u about market if thing works well, haha.

Im also looking for your project man, u got your first fan now :slight_smile: