Interactive Over World Map


I would like some pointers for the creation of a spherical overworld map, which a player could interact with and select locations to “travel” to (levels).

Any tips appreciated!


For reference

Like a world you just see as a whole planet and then select a location on the surface or where you can run around and then open a menu and go to another destination?

Yep, similar to how the planet scanning works in ME, but instead of looking to probe locations you select and travel to the locations.

I’ve been experimenting with taking an inspect item blueprint and trying to retro fit this mechanic within it.

So you want a solar system and select a planet where you then will zoom in to select a location? Or just one planet which is already in your viewport?

Just the one planet that’s within the viewport

Then you can create a pawn with a sphere, a spring arm and a camera. Then you can spawn and attach your locations (e.g. blueprint of type actor BP_Location) on the sphere. To rotate around the sphere I would use the Events MouseX and MouseY to add to the relative Rotation of the springarm. To select the BP_Locations you could create a LineTrace with GetPlayerController => ConvertMouseLocationToWorldSpace with World Location as Start and WorldDirection * Float + WorldLocation as End. From your OutHitActor you could then cast to your BP_Location to spawn a decal, a menu or anything else.

Awesome. Thanks for this, Ill give it a go.