Interactive Multitouch Table Setting - Touchpoints for several users

Hello everyone,

I would like to create an interactive table setting. There are several users around a display who can trigger actions on the display at the same time. UE4 has the possibility to evaluate touch points and I have read that up to 10 touch points can be read out.

I’m afraid that the Unreal Engine will recognize touch points from two users each as one touch gesture. Is there any way around that?

Many thanks in advance for your responses. It would be fantastic if I could do this project with the Unreal Engine.

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For unreal all touches are the same,
so you have to find a way to" localize them".
for example you get the location of the touches,
so you could say: if the touch start in the 1/4 screen top, is player one, 1/4 screen left, is player 2
or you could use something like a toolbar for every player, and you have to touch and drag the icon on the “play area”
based on what you have to do, you have to find a workaround i fear

Thank you!
I think both of them is possible.
In a pinch, you could also say that simultaneous touch by multiple users is not really possible. But you could also assume that the display is touched at different points in millisecond intervals. We just need the option of a quick tap. Dragging your finger on the display, for example, will not be necessary. Then actually no multi-touch would be necessary, or? But it also has to mean that there must be no finger anywhere else on the display for an action to be carried out.