interactive Meadow Flowers

interactive Meadow Flowers

This game ready asset provides you with all the foliage you need for a naturally environment and a realistic and cheap interaction system. [HR][/HR]31920x1080d8f92c94d9fd1882e5952cc1f41c6edc.jpg
[HR][/HR]51920x1080a544156c751b70c3bbb352144e261b7d.jpg[HR][/HR]The goal of this asset is to offer an affordable ground plant asset with great visual quality and best possible wind animation with a good optimization for performant usage in games and even for cinematic scene rendering.

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  • multi Hierarchical Pivot painted Wind Animation
  • Individual Vertex painted Plant parts
  • Easy customizable master materials
  • [1] Maps (content showroom)
  • [96] pre-made Foliage Types
  • foliage interaction system with walkpath

cinematic Trailer: