Interactive Lights System

Hello everyone,
I present a new package I finished a couple days ago.

Interactive Lights System (ILS)

ILS is a set of Advanced Blueprints which allow you to better control lights and add an interaction to your games or projects in Unreal Engine 4.


Feature walkthrough video:

Custom Objects:


Key features:

  • Point / Spot light support
  • Custom Static Mesh support for Light or Light Switch Blueprints
  • Various Light behavior : Default, Flicker, Pulsing or Heating up / Cooling down
  • Material Parameters control
  • Audio feedback
  • Automatic Sound Volume Modulation
  • Customizable Text Labels
  • Over 100 Bonus Assets
  • Easy to expend with custom functionality





Yep that is very cool, gj :wink:

cool system,
would it be hard to alter it to a point & click adventure system ?

Thanks. If you mean that you would like to point a lamp/light with your mouse and click on it to switch it on/of, it is possible. You would only need to modify a “Light Switch” Blueprint as it works with Box Volume now (it means, players can use light switches when they’re inside of the volume). The Interactive Lights System has functions that can be used in Level Blueprints, so I can’t see any problems with that.

wonderful work - and nicely laid out.

Been waiting for this. Thanks!

A little video update: Custom Objects in Interactive Lights System

The release date is: 13th of January