Interactive installation

Hi everybody first it is my second thread here (the first one was made 2 minutes ago hehehe), so i’ll do my best to express myself clearly. (English is not my first language I’ll do my best).

As an interactive designer (i’ve got only a little background in interactive/immersive installation design and development and in game/level design… and also a little bit of web and app UX), I’m looking for the best tools for my projects.

At school I learned UDK, Max/MSP/Jitter ( and a little bit of Quartz Composer.

What I am looking for is an engine that will allow me to create a videogame but instead of being exported for a console, PC, Mac or mobile, etc… I want it to be projected in an environment/space. I want to do Video game design and development mixed with Video Mapping like the softwares Resolume (, Madmapper ( or Millumin does, if I have to pass through a third party software like wyphon, syphon ( or spout ( I’ll do it, but i’ll prefer not. I would want to dvelop in one tool, to eliminate the chnace of bugs and mistakes.

I want to be able to work in a UI that permits me to build an entire project in one tool, like Unreal Engine with a lot of Max 7 or Touch Designer features with it (

Considering the Immersive Studios works with Unreal Engine as technology for theirs works (, I was wondering if anyone in the community or from Epix that could help, inform me or say tome that Epic or third parties are working on new features and plug-ins that will allow more experimentals or artistics projects that implement gaming. It will be nice to see Unreal become some kind of multitask or “multi” medias engine, like for LEDs interactive installation, arduino and electronics art or games, Internet of things.

Thank You

interesting topic, shame nobody interested…
maybe this can help